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Our Practice Areas & How We Can Help You

Our Las Vegas Personal Injury Attorneys are Here to Help
Auto Accidents

A car accident can be a frightening and unfortunately life-changing event.  If you have been seriously injured in a car accident, let our compassionate Las Vegas car accident attorneys assist you in recovering all damages that may be owed to you.

Motorcycle Accidents

We protect the personal injury rights of motorcyclists in Nevada.  If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident due to the negligence of others, call us for your free consultation.

Taxi Cab Accidents

Las Vegas taxi cab, shuttle bus, and limousine drivers transport thousands of individuals each month.  Rushing to pick up the next client can result in negligence on the driver's part.  If you have been injured while riding as a guest, our Las Vegas personal injury attorneys can assist you.

Pedestrian Hit by Motor Vehicle

Accidents involving pedestrians happen at an alarming rate in Las Vegas.  Careless drivers often disobey traffic laws including crosswalk laws and cause serious injury or even death to pedestrians.  Our Las Vegas personal injury attorneys can help you recover damages.

Truck/Commercial Vehicle Accidents

Our roads are congested with trucks and commercial vehicles.  Negligent driving of these vehicles can cause major accidents resulting in serious injury or death.  Our Las Vegas attorneys will assist you in recovering damages you have suffered.

Bicycle Accidents

Cyclists are protected under Nevada laws.  Negligence and careless driving often results in motor vehicle collisions with cyclists.  Our Las Vegas attorneys will help you recover damages suffered.

Getting Started is Easy

During your very first call with our firm, we will need some basic information from you regarding the incident and your injuries.  If we believe we can assist you, the next step is to sit down with one of our attorneys for an extensive consultation. 


Meet our Attorneys

We Cater to Every Client!
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Courtney Devine

Attorney Courtney Devine is a founding partner of Devine & Devine, and is committed to helping those who have been injured. She has received multiple awards for her commitment to her clients.  Her professional and caring attitude puts her clients at immediate ease.

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William Devine, II

Attorney William Devine, II, has been recognized multiple times for his outstanding commitment and service to clients.  Known widely for his strong advocacy, yet caring and kind professional demeanor, he works tirelessly advocating for injured clients.

Personal Injury Law Information

Helpful Tips for Clients
The Scene of an Accident

What to do Afterwards

Your actions immediately after an accident can determine whether you recover reasonable damages. After an accident occurs emotions are running extremely high, and you should be cautious about anything you say that can later be used against you.

Beware of the Adjuster!

It May be Time to Call our Firm

Insurance companies involved in your case want to speak to you before you retain an attorney. Remember, they work for your insurance company, not you. If you sign a release or other documents, you could lose the opportunity to recover the damages you deserve. Call our firm before giving out information.

Adopt a Code of Silence

Your Case Is Confidential

Discussion pertaining to your case should stay between you and your attorney. Resist the urge to discuss your case with friends, co-workers, and especially on social media. This includes posting pictures and/or updates about your condition.

What our clients think of us

I am the President and Chairman of the Nevada Holistic Chamber of Commerce. I have called on William in many litigation issues over the years. He is helpful and caring, and makes me feel like I have a friend protecting and advocating for me. His "Eagle Scout" days have carried into his adult life and framed his ideas and approach to his work. I respect his sense of duty to what is right and to always be prepared. He understands the law in the areas he practices, and I am blessed to have him on my professional support team. I whole heartedly recommend him as an attorney.


Courtney Devine, Esq. is pleasant, professional, courteous, efficient and thorough. Everything you'd want in an attorney. She handled our estate planning matters quickly and efficiently; with a minimum of fuss. Highly recommend!


We had questions that we did not know the answers too and were very nervous about what to do. I contacted William Devine. My husband and I made an appointment and he met with us for free. Our first visit was over an hour long. We retained his services and over the past 10 months had not needed him, however, he has been in contact with us to make sure everything is okay. Then this month I have called him twice and he has been right there to help us! I would definately call Mr. Devine if you need an attorney.

Anyonymous Client

Mrs. Devine is very well-informed with all the information I was there to have done. She is extremely easy to talk to and welcomes any questions you may have at the time of your appointment as well as in the future. Recommend this law firm with any legal problem one may have.


We found William to be very easy to get along with, he understood the things that we needed and helped us navigate the legal requirements so confidently and accurately that we never felt the stress that we had expected. We would highly recommend him to anyone! We'll use his services again, as well.

Mike & Cindy Colucci

We recommend Courtney Devine. Ms. Devine provides exceptional customer service. Client questions and concerns are addressed in a most timely matter. Her support in business matters has proved to be very helpful. We have not had one negative experience during our association with Ms. Devine. Again, we recommend Ms. Devine without reservation.

Anonymous Client

One I would want on my side
I contacted Mr. Divine's office on a Friday morning, and he called me back Friday afternoon for a free consultation. He understood exactly what my issue was regarding a property I was administering as a Trustee that had been foreclosed on for HOA dues delinquency. He knew exactly the right questions. He was able to look up the property and respond exactly about it as we spoke. He could explain the unusual nature of Nevada law in this circumstance, and how it affected the heirs of the estate. He was up front that there was really nothing he could do in terms of litigation, but he was very helpful in terms of alternatives I could pursue to get some relief from other creditors that were unrelentingly pursuing for the deceased's debts. He id all of this graciously in less than an hour at no charge. I was so impressed that if I am ever in need of legal services in the future within his specialties, I would certainly call him.


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